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We support medical device companies in the trade of their products to other countries.

Wolfyr Geographical areas of competence: Europe, Middle-East, Asia and United States

We understand your need to market your medical device globally. Our wide network allows to accelerate commercialization and strategic market positioning with only one partner.

We support the entire launching and marketing process for new products. We acquire new sales channels for non-performing products and services. Our long and extensive management experience matured within the medical device industry allows us to understand individual market dynamics, allocating the appropriate resources to maximize opportunities.


“Our objective is to build customized market solutions for our clients.”

Our Values

Leadership and experience

Wolfyr Ltd. developed and established solid international business relationships within the scientific community and the medical device industry with deep knowledge of individual country dynamics.
Wolfyr Ltd. management matured executive experiences within multinational companies in the medical device industry.

We have over 20 years of experience developing, managing and acquiring new sales channels, creating effective international and individual country business models.

Our Services

Wolfyr Ltd. helps Life Science companies to market their products in Europe, Middle East, Asia, USA, and manages post launch requirements globally.

Wolfyr Ltd. creates and manages sales channels. Whether you want to create or re-design and maximize your sales network, we are able to accelerate and manage this process through our specialty distribution network, customizing activities and areas of focus.
Wolfyr Ltd. is affiliated with Ametus Group USA and provides global services and distribution capabilities.
Wolfyr Ltd. has a highly-qualified marketing team providing correct product positioning, strategic focus and priorities.
Maximizing revenue projection by individual market, facilitating revenue growth by country.
Our marketing team provides appropriate product positioning within the competitive market maximizing companies’ resources and investment planning.
Wolfyr Ltd. offers customized services to apply the right regulatory process by country during pre-launching stages.
Wolfyr Ltd. manages, leads, and supports new technology launches from planning to commercialization in individual EMEA markets as well as globally, accelerating revenue growth, and maximizing customers’ ROI.
Wolfyr Ltd. Provides strategic and new business planning services to accelerate commercialization and revenue growth in different geographical areas.
Wolfyr Ltd. offers legal and compliance services for start-up companies. Commercial, labor agreements and new contractual services for international partners are also provided.
Wolfyr Ltd. manages your business with a highly professional approach and the highest proven skillset within the medical device industry with dedication, professionalism, and goal-oriented spirit.
Wolfyr Ltd.’s marketing and educational team designs and executes customized sales and professional training programs around specific technologies and strategic objectives.
Wolfyr Ltd. helps and supports new rebranding and launching of products in different countries through customized programs.
The GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation), is a new European regulation on data protection and privacy effective May 25th, 2018. Each Italian business, both private and public, must follow the GDPR guideline. Thanks to years of experience in the legal and IT industry Wolfyr Ltd. offers a professional consulting service.
To apply the GDPR guidelines, we always use updated and certified software.


Our Partnerships

Thanks to a wide network of affiliated partners, Wolfyr Ltd. provides diversified integrated services.

We manage, create and maintain legal, commercial and labor agreements through:

Design end development of global partnership and commercial agreements.
Management of new Re-branding and Trading relationship agreements.
Medical Device compliance consulting services.
Legal Consulting and legal help desk services.
Labor and self-employment contract creation and management as well as legal controversy management.

Our Partners:

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